Ambrosia Premium Cigars

Ambrosia Cigars are aromatic, original, and flavorful experiences. Each cigar will send you on a journey to exotic locales from where the flavors hail. Europe, South Asia, and other foreign lands build these unique and utterly enjoyable cigars. Ambrosia Cigars has several types of cigar, including the Ambrosia Clove Tiki cigarillo that features intense flavor and mild strength found in our larger cigars. Only made with high-quality tobacco, our cigars are an experience into themselves. The tobacco used in Ambrosia cigars comes from two very different, yet complimentary, classes. One, the genuine vintage tobacco, hails from Honduras and has a strong, complex flavor. The Nicaraguan tobacco, our specialty, was grown on all-natural farmland in Estelí, Nicaragua and is said to be the most original and natural tobacco anywhere. Ambrosia cigars are aged for 120 days, allowing the tastes and aromas to diversify and grow more complex than any other cigar. You will not find another cigar like Ambrosia.

Ambrosia Clove Tikis Cigarillos 10x5 Tin (50ct)
$98.99 $69.99