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Maker's Mark 10th Anniversary

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Toro Tubos (6.0" x 50)

Box of 25
Box of 25
$199.99 Save 42%
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Toro Tubos (6.0" x 50)

5 Pack
5 Pack
$41.99 Save 19%
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Toro Tubos (6.0" x 50)

$8.99 Save 35%
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Known for their delicious bourbon and iconic bottles dipped in red wax, Maker’s Mark is a name that almost every person can recognize. Ted’s Cigars and Maker’s Mark have teamed up to create a line of bourbon infused cigars that are like no other. All rolled in the Dominican Republic, each cigar is aged for 6 months before put in tubes and dipped in the ever famous red wax. The perfect combination of bourbon and cigars.

Country of origin Dominican Republic,
Wrapper Connecticut,
Filler Dominican,
Binder Dominican,
Strength Medium,
Shape Toro,
Ring gauge 50,
Length 6,
Country of origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut
Filler: Dominican
Binder: Dominican
Strength: Medium
Shape: Toro
Ring gauge: 50
Length: 6