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Farmer's Gold Smooth Pipe Tobacco

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6oz Bag
6oz Bag
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16oz Bag
16oz Bag
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Farmer’s Gold pipe tobacco may be new to the industry, but it is already doing better than ever! Made with Burley and Virginia tobaccos, the flavors range from mild-medium bodied to medium-full bodied. All American-style blends with delicious flavor and reasonably priced.

The Farmer’s Gold Smooth tobacco is a mellow blend with a rich flavor and smooth finish. It is perfect for those who enjoy smooth or lighter tobaccos and is comparable to many other major light/gold tobaccos.

Packaging 16oz Bag, 6oz Bag,
Strength Medium,
Tobacco Burley, Virginia,
Flavor Non Flavored,
Packaging: 16oz Bag 6oz Bag
Strength: Medium
Tobacco: Burley Virginia
Flavor: Non Flavored