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Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding Pipe Tobacco

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Plum Pudding

2oz Tin
2oz Tin
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Plum Pudding

8oz Tin
8oz Tin
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Plum Pudding is an English Balkan blend like no other. Rare tobaccos, crafted and pressed carefully together. Many pipe smokers say it is their perfect tobacco. Nirvana, said one reviewer. Master Blender Joe Lankford created this treasure for the Seattle Pipe Club our perfect tobacco. Delicious, smoky, spicy and positively addictive. Truly an exquisite tobacco to share. Enjoy this original cake of six rare ingredients: Latakia, Turkish Orientals, Red Virginias, Black Stoved Virginias, Perique, and Cavendish. Strength: Medium.

Packaging 2oz Tin, 4oz Tin, 8oz Tin,
Strength Medium,
Tobacco Black Cavendish, Latakia, Perique, Turkish, Virginia,
Flavor Non Flavored,
Packaging: 2oz Tin 4oz Tin 8oz Tin
Strength: Medium
Tobacco: Black Cavendish Latakia Perique Turkish Virginia
Flavor: Non Flavored