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Red River Regular Pipe Tobacco

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6oz Bag
6oz Bag
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16oz Bag
16oz Bag
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The perfect “bang for your buck” brand! This high quality, inexpensive American blend pipe tobacco originated out of Dallas, Texas and has become one of the best-selling pipe tobaccos. Conveniently in re-sealable bags and multiple sizes, you can be rest assured that the quality of these tobaccos is the same from beginning to end. Made with rough cut, bold tobaccos, this blend is great and comparable to many other bulk tobacco brands. Available in a bold Regular or full flavor, a cool refreshing mint and a smooth, light bodied blend.

Packaging 16oz Bag, 6oz Bag,
Strength Medium,
Tobacco Virginia,
Flavor Non Flavored,
Brand: Red River
Packaging: 16oz Bag 6oz Bag
Strength: Medium
Tobacco: Virginia
Flavor: Non Flavored