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Red Cap Blend #7 Pipe Tobacco

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Blend No. 7

16oz Bag
16oz Bag
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Blend No. 7

6oz Bag
6oz Bag
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Red Cap’s award winning blend is made with Virginia and Burley tobaccos. An American blend classic, this tobacco has been around for ages. Available in their staple Regular blend or a slightly lighter bodied No. 7 Blend, either is inexpensive, high quality and enjoyable.

Brand Red Cap,
Packaging 16oz Bag, 6oz Bag,
Strength Mild-Medium,
Tobacco Burley, Virginia,
Flavor Non Flavored,
Brand: Red Cap
Packaging: 16oz Bag 6oz Bag
Strength: Mild-Medium
Tobacco: Burley Virginia
Flavor: Non Flavored