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Incensation Premium Incense Sticks

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75 Packs of 12
75 Packs of 12
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5 Pack (Random)

5 Packs of 12
5 Packs of 12
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Incensation is made of pure charcoal incense hand rolled in the finest herbs, spices, oil, honey, and sandalwood powder. Charcoal’s porous structure is a highly efficient agent for absorbing pure essential oils in the manufacturing of superior quality incense sticks.

25 Flavors/Scents: African Peach, Angel, Baby Powder, Black Sandalwood, Black Night, Citronella, CK One, Coco Mango, Cool Water, Egyptian Musk, Frankincense & Myrrh, Golden Sand, Jasmine, Jean Paul Gaultier, Khush, Meditation, Money, NAG Champa, Opium, Sinful Fruit, Splash, Strawberry, Vanilla, and White Diamond.

****5 Pack scents will be randomly selected.

Type Incense,
Type: Incense
Brand: Incensation