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Arturo Fuente Holiday Cigar Collection Sampler

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Holiday Collection

Sampler of 10
Sampler of 10
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We kept several of these from 2022 as a special offer for this year.  These 2022 Holiday Collection samplers consists of high-end, rare Arturo Fuente cigars that are sure to please any cigar smoker. With blends like the Hemingway, Grand Reserve, Rosado and even the Opus X Double Fuente, each cigar is unique, limited and features some of the best tobaccos Fuente has to offer.

• 2 Opus X Destino Al Siglo
• 2 Hemingway Classic
• 2 Double Chateau Fuente Natural
• 2 Double Chateau Fuente Sun grown
• 2 Magnum Rosado 54