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Amphora Black Cavendish Pipe Tobacco

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Black Cavendish

1.75oz x 5 Pouches
1.75oz x 5 Pouches
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Black Cavendish

1.75oz x 1 Pouch
1.75oz x 1 Pouch
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Amphora Black Cavendish is finally back in the US and is a perfect mix of Virginia black cavendish, Burley, Kentucky, and Orientals. These fine Virginia tobaccos are double fermented to produce a special dark tobacco which combines perfectly with the notes of the Burley and Oriental leaf. The result is a finely balanced blend with a slow burn.

Packaging 1.75oz x 5 Pouches,
Strength Mild-Medium,
Tobacco Cavendish, Kentucky, Virginia,
Flavor Black Cavendish,
Packaging: 1.75oz x 5 Pouches
Strength: Mild-Medium
Tobacco: Cavendish Kentucky Virginia
Flavor: Black Cavendish