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Agio Mehari's Cigarillos & Small Cigars

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Java (3.875" x 23)

20ct Tin
20ct Tin
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Sweet Orient (3.875" x 23)

20ct Tin
20ct Tin
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Agio Mehari’s has become one of the most well-known brands of cigarillos. Since 1976, this company has grown from carrying one blend, Java, to several unique and interesting flavors. Each cigar is aromatic and smooth and their cigarillos make for a perfect “quick smoke.”

The special aroma and nutty taste of Mehari's Brasil is due to its Arapiraca wrapper. Arapiraca is a city located in the centre of the Brazilian state of Alagoas. The city is known mostly for its tobacco and considered "The Brazilian Tobacco Capital". The filler of the Mehari's Brasil consists of a rich mixture of tobaccos blended according to an old recipe.

The delicate Ecuador wrapper gets its unique quality from the rich Ecuador soil in combination with the permanent deck of clouds that hugs the Andes. The clouds provide a micro climate that gives the delicate wrapper leaf the necessary natural protection against the strong Ecuadorian sun. Its delicate aroma and flavor combine perfectly with the smooth blend, creating a refined cigar rich in character.

The “original” Mehari's (since 1976) has a unique character thanks largely to the authentic taste and aroma of its lively Java wrapper. The wrapper is grown in the fields located around the city of Jember, in Indonesia's East Java province. Java's long and rich history in cultivating cigar tobacco guarantees a superb quality wrapper. This is perfectly balanced with a rich mixture of high quality tobaccos in the filler.

The unique character of Mehari's Sweet Orient is the result of vanilla aromas that harmonize perfectly with the rich aromas of the Java Besuki wrapper and the specially balanced filler. East Java is one of the oldest producers of quality cigar tobacco in the world, with a leaf-growing history that dates back to the 1600's. Java offers a perfect tropical climate for growing premium tobacco in ideal volcanic ash enriched soil.

Country of origin Belgium,
Wrapper Brazilian,
Strength Medium,
Shape Cigarillo,
Ring gauge 23,
Length 3 7/8,
Country of origin: Belgium
Wrapper: Brazilian
Strength: Medium
Shape: Cigarillo
Ring gauge: 23
Length: 3 7/8