Panter Premium Cigars

Mom's Cigars is pleased to present Panter brand cigars for the discerning public. A Dutch brand using high-quality filler tobacco and wrappers, Panter cigars have a reputation as fine casual smokes that sport a handy yet elegant appearance. These cigars are small, slender, and provide a smooth, mild tobacco flavor. They are also available in coffee and vanilla flavored varieties. Panter brand cigars come in a convenient, stylish tin that can easily be carried in your coat pocket or bag. Their convenience and smooth flavor make these cigars a good fit for those moments when you want a quick smoke on the go. Perfect for enjoying in the bar or the café, Panter cigars boast a high enough quality to satisfy both those casual smokers who want a reliable, stylish brand and aficionados who sometimes desire a fast, convenient smoke.

Panter Blue Cigars 20ct Tin
$14.99 $9.99
Panter Dessert Cigars 20ct Tin
$14.99 $9.99
Panter Mignon Deluxe Cigars 20ct Tin
$15.99 $10.99
Panter Silhouette Cigars 20ct Tin
$14.99 $9.99
Panter Small Cigars 20ct Tin
$14.99 $9.99
Panter Sprint Cigars 20ct Tin
$14.99 $9.99
Panter Tango Cigars 20ct Tin
$19.99 $15.99