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Zen Blue 100's Cigarette Tubes 250ct Carton

Zen Blue 100's Cigarette Tubes 250ct Carton
Zen Light Tubes are a light and great product from HBI, including a Bonus of 50 Tubes making 250 total in a carton
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I really like the Zen

5 / 5

I really like the Zen tubes. I have been rolling my own for a few years now and I know all to well about the difference in tubes. I used to use one peticular brand and never had a problem until they changed how they were made and the filters started falling off. I then tried a few different kinds before finding Zen and I didn't like any of them for one reason or another. Since I have been rolling with these I won't use anything else. These are really good tubes that roll easy and they don't rip and they take tobacco all the way to the filter unlike a couple of other brands that I have tried... I also like the fact that there are 50 more in a box than other brands. When I buy a pound bag of Tobacco I would have to buy 3 boxes of tubes just to use up the whole bag but with Zen I only have to buy 2 so that's a plus to me...

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