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Are you becoming completely overwhelmed by our extensive range of quality cigar brands and products? It’s not surprising! It can be confusing reading one delicious cigar description after the next. Just as you think that you've found the perfect cigar product, you come across another that looks and sounds equally tempting. Don’t stress! We have the perfect solution for you. Samplers are available for you to choose the best sample package of your top ranked products. This way you get to sample all of the cigar and tobacco products that tickle your fancy before committing whole-heartedly to one. There’s nothing quite like a decision based on practical experience after all. We offer a variety of sampler packages, each offering a unique smorgasbord of your favorite cigar products and brands. Most importantly, these sampler packs are affordable, making them highly attainable to all cigar lovers. Our exciting sampler products make for fantastic gifts too!

Acid Best of Sampler 5 Pack
$52.99 $32.99
Alec Bradley Sampler 5 Pack
$52.99 $37.99
Alec Bradley Tubos 5ct Sampler
$56.99 $46.99
Ashton Classy & Proper 5ct Sampler
$50.99 $40.99
La Palina 10ct Sampler
$165.90 $89.98
La Palina 5ct Sampler
$82.95 $44.99
Living on the Edge 5ct Sampler
$37.99 $32.99
Macanudo "Mac Attack" Sampler 5 Pack
$42.99 $32.99
Nub 460 Sampler 5 Pack
$38.99 $28.99
Oliva "The Big O" Sampler
$35.99 $29.99
Padron's Finer with Age 5ct Sampler
$87.99 $67.99
Punch Combo Sampler 5 Pack
$27.99 $22.99
Punch Left Hook Maduro 5ct Sampler
$32.99 $22.99
Punch Right Hook Natural 5ct Sampler
$32.99 $22.99
Romeo y Julieta "Feel the Love" Sampler 5 Pack
$41.99 $27.99
Romeo Y Julieta Bully Lighter & Cutter Package
$148.99 $111.99