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Midsummer Night at the Ballpark Sampler

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Midsummer Night at the Ballpark

Sampler of 10 + Free Lighter
Sampler of 10 + Free Lighter
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This sampler provides all the necessary smokes to mimic an experience at your favorite ballpark;

The 1844 H. Upmann Reserve is the first pitch and playing of the National Anthem...a rich leather smoke with touches of the smell of an old, broken-in glove whilst drinking a cold, citrus-prominent beer on a warm summer night.

The Romeo by Romeo continues the aroma of leather on the palate with mouthfuls of thick, rich smoke! At this point, we begin biting into that spicy sausage, smothered with sweet peppers on we are into the game!

The Romeo y Julieta Bully 1875 is the fourth inning thru and thru...we can still enjoy the slightly leather aroma and touches of spice, similar to the Romeo by Romeo, lingering without overpowering this mid-game smoke!

Then comes everyone's favorite part of the game....the 7th Inning Stretch...this beautiful, dark, rich wrapper on the Monte by Montecristo Jacopo No.2 is the perfect way to head into the final innings of a game. Slight pepper and wood notes are accompanied by an ever-present a few scoops of strawberry ice cream in a little-upturned helmet!

And finally.... for the drive home from the game...we have the Montecristo Classic Series No. 3! The enjoyment of this cigar will depend on how your team did that day! The cigar will provide moments of the exceptional smoothness with creamy notes if your team came thru with a late-inning victory!! Great for the drive home and the absolute perfect smoke to end your Midsummer night at the ballpark!