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Amphora Original Blend Pipe Tobacco

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Original Blend

1.75oz x 5 Pouches
1.75oz x 5 Pouches
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Original Blend

1.75oz x 1 Pouch
1.75oz x 1 Pouch
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Centuries of tobacco craftsmanship go into Amphora Original to bring out the best of the finest Burley tobaccos. In addition to the Burley tobacco an exact amount of Virginia, and Oriental tobaccos from 3 Continents balances the blend and the result is a smoothly textured and slow burning blend. Expect delicious underlying notes of cocoa and chocolate that make for a relaxing semi sweet but mellow smoke.

Packaging 1.75oz x 5 Pouches,
Strength Mild-Medium,
Tobacco Cavendish, Kentucky, Virginia,
Flavor Original,
Packaging: 1.75oz x 5 Pouches
Strength: Mild-Medium
Tobacco: Cavendish Kentucky Virginia
Flavor: Original