Ted's in a Tube

Ted's in a Tube Premium Cigars

Ted Jackson, the Ted in Ted’s in a Tube Cigars, produces eleven or so brands of cigars encased in clear glass tubes with such names as Grande Marnier, Hopz Craft Beer, Rhum Aged Rum, Dumante, Forty Creek and Samuel Adams Utopias. His company sources tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Nicargua and Brazil; the infusion and packaging happen in Louisville, KY, making them truly international cigars. Many years of research and development occurred before the process of infusing cigars with beer, rum and other spirits was perfected by Ted. Back in 1996, the Maker’s Mark special cigar premiered as a result of MM’s request that Ted create a cigar with the bourbon’s flavor and taste for their annual Kentucky Derby Day party. Today, Ted offers corporations and other businesses an opportunity to have their logos printed on cigar tubes as a way to offer clients a smokable business card. Businessmen can’t go wrong by offering clients one of Ted’s exceptional cigars.

Ted's in a Tube 650 3 Pack
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