Santiago Premium Cigars

Santiago cigars take their name from the very special region of the Dominican Republic from which they come. Santiago is famous for its cigars, and Santiago cigars are among its best. These fine, handmade cigars bring abundant pleasure at a very reasonable price. The flavor of these highly recommended cigars is reminiscent of tropical forests: earthy and woody. Their sweet, smooth aroma is mild, yet invigorating as the breezes in the high mountains surrounding Santiago. It is rare to find a cigar that is both high in quality and affordable. Santiago cigars are just that. Their low price belies their deep flavor and rich fragrance. It has been said that cigars from the Dominican Republic are on a par with Cubans. The loving attention to detail that goes into the making of each Santiago cigar ensures its smoker an easy, satisfying experience.

Santiago Toro Maduro 5 Pack
$18.99 $8.99
Santiago Toro Maduro Single
$4.99 $2.99
Santiago Toro Natural 5 Pack
$18.99 $8.99