Private Stock

Private Stock Premium Cigars

Mom's Cigars is happy to offer Private Stock cigars to cigar fans who know a great deal when they see it. Private Stock cigars provide a tremendous value for the money, making them an excellent choice for any occasion that demands both quality and affordability. They have a mild, yet rich, flavor that is pleasantly reminiscent of oak. Tightly rolled in a Connecticut shade wrapper, they provide an extremely even burn for a smoke that is always reliable. Handmade in the Dominican Republic by the same company that produces the renowned Davidoff brand, Private Stock cigars provide an excellent smoking experience for a surprisingly affordable price. They are the perfect cigars to enjoy when taking an afternoon break to relax and reflect on the day, or to offer to guests when hosting a casual get together.

Private Stock No. 11 Cigars 25ct Box
$89.99 $79.99
Private Stock No. 11 Cigars 5 Pack
$25.99 $15.99
Private Stock No. 11 Cigars Single
$8.99 $3.99