Opium Premium Cigars

Are you trying to find the right cigar for a relaxing evening with some friends or on your own, kicking back after a hard day’s work has been put in? No cigar will do it quite like the natural, smooth flavor of an Opium brand cigar. Hand rolled with the highest quality tobacco you will find, you are sure to discover a new favorite. Opium brand cigars feature a nice, medium-strength smoke, perfect for a relaxing day off. These cigars are carefully crafted in Nicaragua with a corojo wrapper and burn with a pleasing, delicate aroma. With its full flavor and hints of wood and a sweet spice, a few puffs of one of these cigars will take you away. Mom's features a full line of Opium brand handcrafted cigars for your smoking pleasure. Guaranteed fresh when they arrive at your door, you will know you made the right choice for a classy, flavorful cigar.

GAR Opium STK Toro 5 Pack
$42.99 $32.99
GAR Opium STK Toro 20ct Box
$154.99 $124.99
GAR Opium STK Toro Single
$11.99 $6.99