La Fontana

La Fontana Premium Cigars

La Fontana offers smooth and mild cigars that are affordably priced for any consumer. These cigars are tightly packed with Honduran tobacco fillers that offer a mellow flavor that is sure to please any palate. These Honduran fillers come complete with Mexican binders and are topped off by a velvety Jamastran Connecticut seed wrapper. These wrappers come with old Cuban-style caps that are sweetened for extra flavor. Each cigar is named for a great composer, inventor, or explorer and provides a rich yet complex taste throughout the entire smoke. La Fontana cigars offer a consistently even burn and a smooth, near-perfect draw. The white chocolate flavor of these cigars makes them popular among both men and women. The sweetness that is offered in La Fontana cigars allows them to be enjoyed as the perfect ending to a great meal.

La Fontana DaVinci Maduro 20ct Box
$99.99 $79.99