Casino Gold

Casino Gold Premium Cigars

From Royal Gold Cigars, Casino Gold cigars are a high-quality product that you are sure to enjoy. Casino Gold is a new brand, but these cigars have left a great impression on customers already! They come in Queen, King, and Ace sizes, making them a perfect addition to a card game with friends. Casino Gold cigars have a toasty, sweet flavor that gains an added creaminess as you smoke. Though not extremely complex, they are enjoyable and pleasing to the palate. The long-lasting aroma of a Casino Gold cigar will transport you to a world of luxury, even after you have finished enjoying your smoke. Because of their affordable prices, Casino Gold provides great value for both beginners and connoisseurs. These cigars have an even burn and last well over an hour, so they are sure to satisfy. Though this brand just arrived in 2013, Casino Gold has already gained notoriety and respect in the cigar world. When you try a Casino Gold, you will see why they have become a household name for so many customers.

Casino Gold HRS Ace 5 Pack
$38.99 $28.99
Casino Gold HRS Ace 21ct Box
$144.00 $92.95
Casino Gold HRS Ace Single
$10.99 $5.99
Casino Gold HRS Jack 5 Pack
$31.99 $21.99
Casino Gold HRS Jack 21ct Box
$114.00 $73.95
Casino Gold HRS Jack Single
$9.49 $4.49
Casino Gold HRS Joker 5 Pack
$33.99 $23.99
Casino Gold HRS Joker 21ct Box
$124.00 $79.95