CAO Premium Cigars

CAO cigars are the products of C.A.O. International, Inc., which is now a premium brand division of General Cigar. C.A.O.’s premium cigar-making history began with the Maduro (launched in 1998). There are over twelve regular CAO cigar lines, each of which has been graded 90 points (the outstanding grade) or above by Cigar Insider and Cigar Aficionado. Since 1998, CAO brand has become a benchmark for comparing other cigar brands. Its different cigar lines have become known for their innovative tobacco blends, delighting cigar lovers the world over. CAOs are offered in over a dozen blends from more than ten countries. There is a CAO cigar to please any palate, from the intense Brazilians to the mild CAO Gold, the wildly popular Flavours cigar line, and the CAO Flathead. This innovative brand continues to challenge itself with inventive new products such as the CAO Flathead, while its established lines have won a devoted following of cigar aficionados.

CAO Brasilia Amazon 20ct Box
$177.99 $114.99
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CAO Brasilia Cariocas 5ct Cigar Tin
$19.99 $11.99
CAO Brasilia Chango Tubos 5ct Cigar Pack
$24.99 $19.99
CAO Brasilia GOL!  20ct Box
$134.99 $88.95
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CAO Colombia Tinto 20ct Box
$127.80 $84.99
CAO Colombia Vallenato Robusto Gordo 20ct Box
$139.99 $94.99
CAO Flathead V554 Camshaft 24ct Box
$154.99 $114.99
CAO Flathead V642 Piston 24ct Box
$202.99 $134.99
CAO Flavours Cherry Bomb Cigarillos 10ct Tin
$20.99 $11.99
CAO Flavours Moontrance Cigarillos 10ct Tin
$15.99 $10.99
CAO Flavours Solfyre Corona 20ct Box
$99.99 $89.99
CAO Gold Churchill 20ct Box
$135.99 $89.99
CAO Gold Double Corona 20ct Box
$148.99 $97.99
CAO Gold Robusto 20ct Box
$114.99 $75.99
CAO Gold Torpedo 20ct Box
$137.99 $91.99
CAO Pilon Churchill 5 Pack
$33.99 $28.99
CAO Pilon Churchill 20ct Box
$139.99 $94.99
CAO Pilon Churchill Single
$7.99 $5.99
CAO Pilon Corona 5 Pack
$28.99 $23.99
CAO Pilon Corona 20ct Box
$119.99 $77.99
CAO Pilon Corona Single
$6.99 $4.99
CAO Pilon Robusto 5 Pack
$30.99 $25.99
CAO Pilon Robusto 20ct Box
$129.99 $84.99
CAO Pilon Robusto Single
$7.49 $5.49
CAO Flathead Steel Horse Apenhanger 18ct Box
$162.00 $104.99
CAO Flathead Steel Horse Bullneck 18ct Box
$180.00 $114.99