Perdomo fresco

Mom's Cigars is proud to count Perdomo cigars among the quality products we offer. Perdomo is one of the most sought after brands produced in Nicaragua today. These prized cigars have a mild, somewhat sweet flavor cut with a touch of spiciness that lends them a distinctive character. They have an attractive appearance and feel smooth and perfectly weighted in the hand. Perdomo cigars make for a great treat any time of the day, but are particularly enjoyable after a meal or over a few drinks in the evening. Part of their appeal is that they strike the right balance between high-end quality and affordability. With their mild, approachable combination of flavors and their flawless construction, they are sure to please anyone who enjoys a distinctive, reliable smoke.

Perdomo Fresco Maduro Robusto 25ct Bundle
$64.99 $54.99
Perdomo Fresco Maduro Toro 25ct Bundle
$66.99 $56.99
Perdomo Fresco Robusto 25ct Bundle
$74.99 $64.99