Trivo Machine Made Cigars

Trivo cigarillos will give you that smooth, sweet-flavored smoking experience at a fraction of the cost of other brands. Trivo cigarillos come in packs of sixty, and their foil packaging guarantees they are fresh. Trivo cigarillos come in a fun variety of fruity flavors such as grape, pineapple, white grape, pure gold, purple wave, and many more. With so many flavors, there’s a Trivo to satisfy every smoker. These high quality cigarillos won’t break your budget – they’re very affordable when compared with other brands. And since they burn more slowly than most cigarillos, each pack will last longer, saving you even more money. Whether you are a new or old smoker, Trivo Cigarillos will not disappoint. Their fresh taste, pleasant aroma and great value make them a top pick for everyday use.

Trivo Cigarillos Silver 3x15 (45ct) Pack
$20.99 $10.99
Trivo Cigarillos Sweet 3x15 (45ct) Pack
$20.99 $10.99