Winchester Little Cigars

Named after “the gun that won the west”, Winchester Little Cigars were one of the first little cigars that were ever produced, in effect winning the hearts of cigar smokers in the west and worldwide. These little cigars were originally created by RJ Reynolds in 1971 and rapidly shot to being a noted US brand. Just as Winchester Rifles revolutionized the gun industry, these little cigars did the same for the cigar industry. Mom's Cigars offers three varieties of the Winchester line: menthol, classic 100's, and full flavors. Though this may appear to be a rather expensive product to most, when you shop with us you actually save $10.00 against the retail value that most other places ask. Some people may wonder how much value is actually put into a name. When RJ Reynolds created this top quality little cigar it is pretty obvious that they were keeping the quality associated with Winchester Rifles in mind. So what’s in a name? In the case of Winchester Little Cigars, its name speaks of heritage, quality, and innovation.