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Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag

Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag
Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco is a very affordable and versatile pipe tobacco that is packaged in 16oz bags which feature a moisture and oxygen resistant layer that guarantees freshness. Offered in 5 distinct Flavors: Full Flavor, Gold, Menthol, Ultra Gold, and Menthol Gold.
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I smoked USA light 100s ...

5 / 5

I smoked USA light 100s the price of a pack is just crazy so i went and bought this tobacco and im just blown away this tobacco is great if your looking for a light tobacco to ryo You will never buy another pack again and at this price its a no brainer.... TRUST ME and get it. Curt FYI use a spoon fed tube injector when making your own tubes the screw/spring fed type makes the cherry fa

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I was hesitant to try ...

5 / 5

I was hesitant to try this pipe tobacco out. I just could not believe that a fine high quality product could be had at such a low price. I have been burned many times before by products that offered a great smoking experience only to end up with trash. I am glad I took the chance and ordered this Good stuff silver pipe tobacco. The mild and smooth flavors of this tobacco are amazing. I think I hav

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Usually the cheap pipe ...

4 / 5

Usually the cheap pipe tobacco is kind of low quality but I have limited income and have no choice in what I buy. That is why I was stoked when I tried the Good Stuff Ultra Light Pipe 16oz tobacco. Not only is this stuff super cheap but it is super high quality stuff. I love it! I can limit what I spend and still get really good pipe tobacco which is rare. I just wish shipping was cheaper and f

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