Camacho liberty

The Camacho brand of cigars first appeared in the early sixties when Simon Camacho fled newly communist Cuba and set up shop in Miami, Florida. Camacho sourced his tobacco from around Central America, and the brand quickly acquired worldwide notoriety with cigar connoisseur Winston Churchill being among the ranks of Camacho smokers. After Simon Camacho passed away in the 1990s, the company was taken over by another group of Cuban exiles, The Eiroa family. The Eiroas are a cigar-making dynasty, having been involved in fine tobacco cultivation and production since the beginning of the twentieth century. Production was moved to the Jamastran valley region of Honduras, an area that is renowned for producing consistently rich and aromatic Cuban seed varieties. Camacho cigars are famous for their bold, robust flavour. Some of their more famous premium blends, such as the Camacho Corojo series, come in beautiful cedar boxes that enhance the richness of their flavor.

Camacho 2012 Liberty 20ct Box
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Camacho 2014 Liberty 5 Pack
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Camacho 2014 Liberty 20ct Box
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Camacho 2014 Liberty Single
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