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4 Aces Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag

4 Aces Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag
4 Aces Pipe Tobacco offers pipe smokers a rich, satisfying smoking experience. Pipe smokers wills savor the smooth taste and exceptional aroma of 4 Aces Pipe Tobaccos. Available in Regular, Mellow and Mint.
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Man this stuff was great ...

5 / 5

Man this stuff was great so much better than what I usually buy from my local store. No damaged or ripped bag and delivered so quick that I still have some of my local stuff left. It is already dried out but not the bag I ordered directly from the product webpage. I am going to tell everyone to stop buying overpriced tobacco from down the street I mean it. It was worth taking a couple minutes

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The 4 Aces Mint Pipe ...

4 / 5

The 4 Aces Mint Pipe Tobacco I recently ordered was better than I expected it to be. The aroma was sweet and the smoke was not harsh at all. The flavor was a bit strong but very minty which is exactly what I was looking for in a mint flavored tobacco. I just wish it was a little cheaper because it gets used up so quickly at my house. All in all I found this product very enjoyable.

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